Little Tikes Trampoline

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Toddlers play like 90% of the time. What better way to engage their energy than with a 3ft trampoline? Little Tikes has created a trampoline fit for toddlers instead of teens and adults. It comes preassembled, and all you have to do is screw in the legs and the crossbar.

The non-slip rubber feet make it perfect for all surfaces. It can be used in the playroom, the living, and even outdoors thanks to its lightweight plastic and metal construction. The trampoline supports kids up to 55 pounds. Although Little Tikes recommend one kid at a time, most parents allow two kids to jump with supervision.

Little Tikes does not use spring or bungees. Instead, it uses elastic webbing which is more durable and safer to use around children. It does not have hard spots that could injure kids when they trip over themselves.

The most exciting part of using this trampoline is the support bar. It is not only built into the legs, but it also allows toddlers to hold onto it and lift themselves to jump even higher. Our only concern will be that if they pull on it too hard, the trampoline may tip over.

The foam on the handle is super comfortable to hold onto. It is not of the best quality, and you may want to modify it with grip tape so it can hold on longer. The overall quality of the trampoline is great, and you can look forward to your kids having fun on it.