Snow Thrower

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Shoveling snow is backbreaking work. You could opt for a powerful gas snow thrower, but if you don’t want the expenses and hassles of a gas snow blower, your best shot is with an electric snow thrower.

Green works knows how to hit the right spots when it comes to electric snow blowers. This is a handy model to make easy the job of clearing snow from your yard.

This snow thrower comes in a compact design but remains powerful to tackle inches of snow from your driveway. It operates using a 13watt motor via a household socket of 120volts. This is a single-stage blower. It is capable of clearing a 20-inch path and can get 10 inches deep.

The directional chute spans over 180 degrees, and it can throw snow up to 25ft away. Now you don’t need a whole hour of snow shoveling in the morning before work. You can clear a path that is wide enough for your car in minutes.

With the electric start, this snow thrower can start in the coldest winter mornings. This exempts you from pulling cords to get the motor running.

This Snow Thrower is a lightweight model that is no match for cordless snow blowers. It throws snow far and wide while giving you the convenience of being maintenance free. It does not produce fumes, and it is silent meaning you won’t be waking up the neighbors.

The LED lights provide you with enough visibility in the darkest of mornings and evenings. The 7-inch wheels deliver excellent performance by being maneuverable through the snow.

We also like its brushless motor technology which allows it to be durable since you won’t be replacing any parts soon.

This Snow thrower is the best single-stage snow blower for the money. It can clear hundreds of pounds of snow per minute thus saving lots of time. It is, therefore, an ideal model for every homeowner.