Portable Phone Charger

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We’ve all been there; your smartphone dies on you at the very moment when you need it most. Surprisingly, there’s never a power socket around us to plug in.

With the invention of power banks, you can access your emails from anywhere in the world since you have your power with you.

After investigating numerous power banks in the markets, we have come to the agreement that this  Anker PoweCore  is one of the best Power Banks in the market right now. 

This power bank capacity is super-high. You can charge your cell phones and ipad very easily with the help of this power bank. It provides high-speed charging to your devices.

This Charger is so small that it is basically the size of a wallet. It comes with a pouch and a micro USB cable. It can go right into your pocket so you will never forget it in your hotel room.

With so much power packed in such a small portable charger, Anker has engineered this device with ten safety features. This is a measure to protect your devices since it delivers just the right amount of charge by identifying the charging device.

This Charger is even more popular not just because of the high power but also because of the convenience of super fast charging.

Note that this power bank does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge so it won’t speed up charging in smartphones that support Qualcomm Quick Charge. Either way, its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost are all you need since not many devices support lightning fast charging that is faster than these two technologies.

You have yourself a winner in this Power Bank From the robust build to the safety features. It is yours for the taking.