Pet Bath Tub

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Bathing your pets in your bathtub is always a messy affair. Some of us even give up washing our pets entirely and leaving it to the professionals. But you don’t want to lose that bonding time with your pet.

This pet bathtub comes in the form of a basin and a stand such that you can wash your cat while standing up. The basin has a construction from heavy-duty plastic.

This bathtub is mess-free. No one likes to collect hair in curtains and the drain especially if your dog sheds a lot. You can take this bathtub outside and bath your dog in a location you won’t mind cleaning.

Looking at the stand, you have stainless steel legs that guarantee maximum durability. They also come with levelers to provide stability when using it on uneven floors. You will also find the flexible drain hose useful when draining the water after a good wash.

Right from the simple assembly, you can tell that this model is designed to bring you convenience. It gives you pain-free bath times with your pets. The plastic basin can fit in a regular bathtub if you opt for regular washes.

This Pet Bath Tub is designed to make it effortless to wash your pet in or outside the house. It provides a relaxing bath for your pets while giving you quick clean up. The stand keeps your back straight to prevent back pain, and it comes with levelers for stability on uneven floors.

What better way to bathe your pet than this Grooming Portable Bathtub?